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CNN Larry King Live "Return To Tarawa: The Leon Cooper Story"

CNN John Roberts "Unbeaten"

CBS National News with Katie Couric "Return To Tarawa: The Leon Cooper Story"

ABC World News Tonight "Return To Tarawa: The Leon Cooper Story"

CNN Sundance "Unbeaten"

FOX "Until They Are Home" with Steven C. Barber

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


WOW!!!!!!!!!! Spent 4 hours with the amazing and top notch actor ED HARRIS!! He narrated my film, WWW.RETURNTOTARAWA.COM This is the story of LEON Cooper. Leon was a Higgins boat Commander in 1943 at the Battle of Taraw where AMERICA lost 1,113 Marines in a 76 hour bloddy battle that NEVER should have happened. Leon was stuck on the islad Atoll of Tarawa for week with no food and having to smeel the 6000 rotting corpses on the 291 acre rock in the mifdle of no where some 4500 miles from Japan. After spending a week out there last spring, Leon, myself and a film crew turned up MIAs that have never been repatriated to the USA and with ED HARRIS on board this amazing story, it is my great hope that the United States government will step up to the plate to get these men hom and clean up this enviromrnta; disaster. http://www.photoshow.com/watch/eR7iW4sg

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